About Us

My name is Aniekan Nyong, owner of VintFrames. I'm a fashion designer and style icon, (True story). I'm also heavily influenced by music and visual art.

To me, Fashion is more than just wearing nice clothes; it is a feeling. A feeling of freedom, A feeling of adventure, and a feeling of confidence. Fashion is having the courage to take a risk, it is the confidence to try something new, and having the Guts to stray from trends while letting our imaginations erupt.

Fashion should not be about the best dressed or the best brands. Fashion should be fresh; a reflection of our individuality in a period of time.

People often ask why sunglasses? and I'll often respond with "because, accessories". An accessory is merely a piece of iconography used to express a person's individuality.

But VintFrames is more than just sunglasses, it’s a celebration of signature styles and fashion prowess; A celebration of a culture heavily influenced by music and fashion.


Contact me: aniekan@vintframes.com